Dear Schmutzie, an open letter…

Dear Schmutzie,

You may feel like you have a stalker, but please don’t fret.

Over a year ago in a half-hearted attempt to familiarize myself with this thing called ‘blog’ I googled Canada’s top blogs and scrolled around lists and bumped into I read, and read, and read some more. I burst out laughing, I sat at the screen dumbly, I empathized, I laughed some more, and I fell in love with a girl named Schmutzie.

I remembered a particular story that made me burst into flames of laughter, about a Coffee and a Muffin. (Mom, and others like her, left click on the Coffee and a Muffin and it will take you to the story!)

I wrote to you that night. I sent you a little note that said that I had been reading your blog and the whole time assumed you were located in Toronto; you were so cosmopolitan I told you. And then I saw you were from Regina and choked on the Saskatchewan Prairie Dust that hung between us as I am in Saskatoon.

Well Schmutzie, my attempt at blog familiarization was brief. However, in the last few months I have been working on one myself and at the start of the process revisited your blog and re-read the flame inducing post and my love for you reignited. Then I realized that your face was familiar to me, and I see that although I don’t think we have met, we know many of the same people. This makes me confidently stalk you in public forums (twitter inc.) and I am sending you this letter to say, “Hey! I read your blog and talk to you on twitter and you make me laugh every day and I love your writing and I want to tell the whole world about you!”

As a total blogger newbie I will confess to you the total excitement I have at linking to your blog in mine so that my friends can read you. You have such an incredible writing talent and as I told you before– you are pure and honest and insightful.

Love Kyla.


7 responses to “Dear Schmutzie, an open letter…

  1. Your trackback worked 🙂

    And thank you so much for the shout out. Saturday morning? Made.

    I bet I’d recognize your face, too. Funny how over the whole big internet, we still bump into each other.

  2. I read the “Coffee and a Muffin” blog and if I was drinking coffee I would have spit it out. I guffawed out loud. We have all been in a situation that resulted in the realization that we were speaking to our own muffin poster and being torn between explaining ourselves and simply walking away. Look at it this way, she’s given those who witnessed her “chat” something humorous to share with their work colleagues… and maybe it made just one person smile. Work well done. Carry on.

  3. I have read that story about 7 times and each time I hit the muffin board I belly laugh. It is my go-to-story for a pick me up. Sarah, read more of her. She is a great writer and not only funny. Follow her!

  4. I was going to write something insightful, instead your post reminded me of a post I read years ago that had me cry I was laughing so hard. I revisited that post and had another good laugh. Thank you, here it is

    • Oh God,
      I have read this before, you must have sent this once already. I still laughed until tears came. I am finding that I can tell it is really funny when I hurt the baby. I mean when I laugh so hard it hurts the baby….the first expression was not quite right…

  5. oy, I need a full time editor to edit my blog comment.

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