5 1/2 Weeks

Well, it has been awhile!

I would like to thank my ‘fan’ for sending me an email nudge saying she hadn’t seen a post from me in a while. Thanks Fan!

Let’s see….Dr. J. ( the name I have decided on for my husband) has not been spending his evenings at work for the last couple of weeks, which means that I have not had the same time to myself at the keyboard. Now don’t get excited out there, (especially you ‘fan’, I know where your little mind creeps) My evenings have mostly been filled with CSI re-runs as I get winded just going up the stairs. At this point I have HOLY CRAP! I just counted the weeks on my computer calendar: 5 1/2 weeks? 5 1/2 WEEKS left until the big event. Um…..I am starting to realize I have been like that woman whose age holds at 39. I would have sworn to you I had 7 1/2 weeks to go.

Okay, well, I am typing and processing at the same time. My mind has begun to race. What are the things left for me to do while I am still with the living and not zombie mom?

  • Plant garden (hahahahahaha, I can not put on my shoes)
  • Build DIY sand and water table stealing the design/idea from here

Mine will incorporate an old coffee table and perhaps a kitchen sink. Please feel free to offer any and all juicy creative suggestions in the handy ‘comments’ section below.

  • Organize my closets before I lose a kid in one of them
  • Oh yeah, oh god, I have to go through 17 Rubbermaid containers of children’s clothing and reorganize them AGAIN. In 5 1/2 weeks we should know which half of the boxes can go to Community Living.
  • Get Ready for Baby

My out-of-town aunt and cousin visited us on the weekend. We had a really nice day/evening with them. During the visit one of them asked about kids names; whether we had any picked out. This is our fourth child… I thought back to previous fetus’s and remembered printing elaborate lists with numbered choices, searching on baby name websites, and constantly shifting first and second choices. I looked at my aunt or cousin and said, We like ‘kid’ so far, or ‘baby’.

The differences between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies is astounding. I have made it to only 3 doctors appointments, had no blood work done, and I am not convinced I will even try to get to the hospital. I may just quietly birth this baby at my daughter’s piano recital and hope not to interfere. I feel like I am old hat. My doctor makes jokes about me being like the Hutterite patients of his. When I delivered #3 I was already instructing the nurses as to what needed to happen. I have no fear of nurse or doctor; all deferential thinking has been vanquished by experiential empowerment.

(I am not sure if this is evident, but in the last 20 minutes my family has descended and my early morning solitude has been punctured by cereal requests. I have been diligent at not moving from my spot as Dr. J gets all in order, but my concentration is fractured.)

I have to sign off….I think I have said enough,

let me just highlight the important points:

I am having a baby in 5 1/2 weeks and those well-known sleepless nights are about to begin.


10 responses to “5 1/2 Weeks

  1. Hey there,
    well that was a lovely read. Yikes what happed to the calendar: April suddenly feels like it has only one week.
    I have sand for your sand-box…Tell Dr. J to come and get it. I dumped about 125 gallons (25 x 5 gallon pails) of sand in there in 2008. i’m guessing the kids tracked only about 1/3 of that into the house. Wooden frame thrown in with the free deal.

    • I find the sand comes in via socks and shoes that are dumped directly on the kitchen floor.
      I am not sure if we need more sand, I will ask The Dr.

  2. HAHAHAAAAA – Oh man, that was good stuff……. you delight again, Ky 🙂

    My fav lines were:

    “I may just quietly birth this baby at my daughter’s piano recital and hope not to interfere”……. and, “When I delivered #3 I was already instructing the nurses as to what needed to happen.”

    You are truly fantastic.

    I will ask you the same question you asked me when I was about 3 weeks to my due date……….. (and, I’m serious)

    Can I come watch?

  3. maybe I will do a live video stream…

  4. My 2 cents… hmmm, looks more like a buck fifty.

    I want to argue against the sand and the table. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some sand, but everything has a place. In my dayhome, I used white rice. Sounds weird, but it had a number of advantages:

    1) You can colour it. Put your rice into several large stainless steel bowls. Add drops of food colouring and mix by hand. You can have a multicoloured extravaganza. Wear food prep gloves or have soapy water on hand for stained fingers during the initial dying process. I never had colour transfer afterwards.

    2) It is all season because you can safely bring it indoors. Sure they spill it, but it’s way easier to clean than sand.

    3) It won’t scratch your stuff. I put everything in the bin from fossils to silverware and I never worried that anything would get scratched.

    4) It doesn’t get under fingernails!!!

    Downsides would be that it is marginally more expensive (perhaps $8 to fill a bin) and you can’t stack it into sand castles.

    Which brings me to the other thing. The table. You don’t have to abandon the table concept, but I wouldn’t make it a priority. Get the plastic bins with lids, put some sand (or RICE) and water into them and put them on an existing table or onto the floor or ground. Done! You can stack them when not in use or put them in the shed if they are on “time out” (the bins, not the kids). Worry about the table part when you have some time (HA!).

    Here is a picture of the rice in action.

    Here is my water set-up. The water bins were smaller so they didn’t get too heavy and they didn’t have lids, since I always filled with fresh water each time (they would always drink it).

    • I knew the creative juicy idea was out there! I love the idea of rice. I appreciate the strenuous defence of your position. And I loved seeing A’s cheeks of yesteryear. I especially love not having to wash wet sand off little fingers!!

  5. Write another blog post. I want to laugh.

  6. Off topic, but Kyla you must read “getting things done” by David Allen. If you ever want to be organized, just read this one book and do exactly what he says. Nuff said.

    Suggestion: download it onto an e-reader if you have and let it entertain you while you are up all night breast feeding:)

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