I must be ready to have this baby because there’s a fight brewing…

All right, that’s it.

I have reached the stage where I don’t want to answer the phone anymore so I don’t have to tell someone “No baby.”

I am only four days overdue, but it feels like 2 weeks as I was sure I was going to go early. Naturally this assuredness was grounded in nothing, but I believed it nonetheless.

I said to Dr. J. that the thing that may be missing is a knock down blow out scream fest. I have this vague idea that before all major life events you have a vicious argument with your spouse. This evokes guilt at the moment of life event arrival, and then allows for perspective in the natural realignment of your relationship. But I don’t want to have that fight, which is unusual as I am generally the instigator, but not today. Nope. Not me. I am not the bitch today.

So I am going to leave my house and go to the plant store and buy something for my containers. And maybe I will take myself out for lunch. And maybe I can go into labour without fighting. And maybe the labour pains I feel will be real this time instead of the tricky falsies that are driving me cuckoo.

And maybe I will be the one to walk away calmly and say ‘I am not doing this’




3 responses to “I must be ready to have this baby because there’s a fight brewing…

  1. Well, on my favourite soap opera women always go into labour after a big fight with their spouse and then they drive away on a country road in a big storm and a tree falls on the car. Then a handsome rancher comes along and delivers the baby. Etc… Have fun at the plant store! Maybe a handsome horticulturalist will deliver the baby for you.

  2. I love your posts. It is one of my “go to” places to look for something new and I am always so pleased and happy when I see you’ve got a fresh bun out of the oven. Oh. I’m sorry. Baby reference. But you know me, I was born this way… I slipped again. My bad.

    Seriously, your posts make my day. Thank you for beginning this blog and sharing your journey. I know that once bebe Sarah comes you will be off the grid for a while and so we will all wait with eager anticipation (which I’m pretty sure means the same thing) for your return.

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