Hello, is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me….

Good God.

It is to overwhelming to even consider all that has happened in the last month (or two). I told a friend this blog has become my fifth neglected child. I have not fed or watered my little seedling and the threat of shrivel has become reality, it looks somewhat like my garden; overgrown, time forgotten, and disheveled. So much for garden learning in my 180 in 365. Well that’s not true, I learned to not try to plant a garden when  you are 8.5 months pregnant, instead get your friend to do it and then let the weeds choke everything out while you breastfeed.  AH HA! Lesson learned.

I had my fourth child on June 13th, 2012. SHE is a beauty and the quintessential fourth child in that she makes very few demands and seems to raise herself. I am sure when the time comes she will spontaneously play the piano and swim without every having a single lesson. Seven weeks into her life and I still panic pulling out of the driveway that I have forgotten her somewhere. Her name in the blogosphere is R.

Life has been interesting. Dr. J. got a new job and is now an industry man rather than a leisurely academic. At first blush I believed naively that he would have more time as his office hours are set and he can leave his work at that office rather than schlepping it home with him all the time (mental if not physical schlepping). I was wrong. I failed miserably in my underestimation of how he had used his work time. His morning time with W and V has been obliterated. I am amazed at how much freedom he had with his old job, although he seemed to be at work all the time. I am confused by how this has turned out and can only hope the family time benefits will be seen in the long run.

As a result of Dr. J’s new job, which was offered at around week 37 of pregnancy, is the hiring of a nanny to help over the summer. Her name is Mindy, she has been with us for a month, and I am already anxious about losing her. I have her until the end of August and then the support staff is gone…I highly recommend that all stay at home mom’s have support staff. My stress level is so low and I feel like I can actually see my kids rather than move them around with one foot as they constantly tug at my skirt.

The kids are all right. W and V love Mindy and view her as their own personal entertainment device. E has left for the lake with her dad’s side of the family and will be spending the next three weeks wake-boarding, water-skiing, and eating ice cream in her new two piece bathing suit that nearly gave me a heart attack as it foreshadowed a 16-year-old girl who is going to be a knock out. I tried not to let the panic show!

This is all I am going to write.


11 responses to “Hello, is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me….

  1. So I have to read your blog to get all this news. New job… Nanny… Is a pool boy looming in the future? You’ll need to do something to fill all these hours of spare time.

    • You would think I would have hours of spare time. I am trying to figure out where they all go! Can you have a pool boy without a pool? I think the creep factor doubles at this point. Well, we do have that little blue fishy pool…

  2. hello over there in kidville! The garden is a lovely metaphor for so much learning. You have a nice little prairie landscape with WREV wildflowers perfectly placed and thriving. You, master gardener, must see the beauty that flowed through you to them. Nodding with approval and praise.

  3. I have exactly 4.5 hours of C. Lindenblatt certified Manny training under my belt Kyla, just in case you need someone in a pinch. The last diaper I changed was Nate’s back in 1996/7? I figure the technology and technique hasn’t changed much so after a brief refresher I should be good to go. I’m great at drive throughs for food; have a special tactic for obtaining free condiments and extra supples so i can save you big money. I will need 4 days notice for the drive, guaranteed daily rate, overtime bonus, stock options, full benefits with extended medical, room and board and vouchers for the casino.

    • I am laughing out loud! I love the casino voucher, and if you would include free ski touring lessons I will actively consider your application.

  4. The excitement I felt upon seeing a new post was somewhat distressing as it means that I am living vicariously through others and I need to be entertained… happy to have you back in the blogosphere and that you got yourself a nanny.


    And I can vouch for the beauty of the newest offspring.

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