How to Build a Pickle

“How to Build a Pickle” 

Guest Blog by: Billi-Jean Miller
Step 1: Find a Hutterite…… excuse the shot of his behind (no disrespect intended) but, the culture frowns upon photographs, so I was trying to take this shot both without offending and ensuring anonymity. I think I was successful.0B178FFE-4CE1-46A6-95A3-33808D5015E0.jpegStep 2: Buy a ridiculously large quantity of small cucumbers from them. In this case, we bought 70 lbs. (This netted 61 jars of pickles when all was said and done. (Again, note that his face was cropped out, honoring privacy).3D06777A-BE87-4A5D-A137-0224C439C7BF.jpegStep 3: Be awesome. I have befriended my local Hutterite Colony and even toured it a couple of weeks ago with a friend. This respect for their way of life, and the business I provide them (cucs……. saskatoons……. pies, etc) ensures I get sweet notes on my orders from nice Hutterite girls 🙂


Step 4: Wash cucumbers. In an ideal world, my 70 lbs of cucumbers would have come washed – however, they did not. So, I washed them in the washing machine. (Tip given to me by a local farm wife). Don’t worry: washing machine was thoroughly disinfected and cleaned prior to washing.


Step 5: Invite cool friend to help (aka. “visit”) for your weekend of pickling! Not only does the extra pair of hands help greatly on this day long venture – but, it makes the day a whole lot more fun too! (Excellent choice in footwear, Ky! Rawwwwr)


Step 6: Have fun along the way! It’s a lot of work jamming 61 jars – take periodic breaks to smile, laugh or drink a little beer!


Step 7: (see step 6)


Step 8: Now, you might have been expecting a detailed “step by step” on how to build a pickle that included a recipe. Well, you ain’t gettin’ that! First, because it’s my Mother in Laws….. and second, because it’s my famous ‘tweeking’ that recipe to perfection that keeps people coming back for more. This is my third year of making pickles, and my second year making the PERFECT pickle. Kyla now joined that club these are the fruits of our labour! 61 JARS BABY!!!

Can you believe we were offered $5 per jar for these babies (and, yes, you know who you are…….? Puh! Go buy a Bic!


Step 9: This was an add-on this year (but, a newly started tradition, nonetheless!). I bought more garlic than we needed this year so the next day I made a homemade beef stew in the slow cooker to freeze (with potatoes, carrots and peas from the garden). Yummmmm.


Thanks for coming, Ky!! We’ll have to finish our discussion on who’s allowed to come to Picklefest 2013 😉


Billi-Jean Miller lives in the central Prairies where she farms with her husband and 9 month old daughter. She is currently starting a photography business  that specializes in capturing a “day in the life” of farming families.


3 responses to “How to Build a Pickle

  1. pickles are my favorite thing in the wjole world!! I wish we still had our farm so my grandma would teach me how! I’m very jealous

    • Lisa, as I have learned you don’t need a farm to make pickles, you just need a friend with a farm. Or a friend with a good connection with some hutterites. Or a friend that is willing to put 70 lbs of tiny cucumbers in her washing machine….

  2. Lisa………. consider that your invitation 🙂

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