Holiday (think Madonna)


The end of summer is upon us and the beginning of fall is marked. I love fall days; cool sweater weather with crisp air. We ended our summer with an unanticipated holiday. Our family that loves to camp (every one of my kids have slept in tents before 12 months of their lives have passed) upped our campers lifestyle with the rental of a tent trailer. Without question the person this affects the most is myself. I have breastfed V and R in our tent and let me tell you this is not easy to do. The tent trailer on the other hand proves itself quite accommodating in that regard. Dr. J. proved himself worthy of my hand as he successfully hauled something behind his vehicle. This was his first attempt at this and he was amazing.

First time hauler, Dr. J. parks this baby on a dime…

Not captured in this photo are the trees on the other side that are just as close, the stumps found directly behind one rear tire, and the knowledge this was done at 9:30 p.m. on a night of a 30 degree day, after a 450 km road trip that took 8 hours, with a bitchy wife nursing a baby in the rear of a minivan with broken air conditioning. If conception was a certain impossibility Dr. J would have gotten lucky that night.

The holiday was nice. We were able to see much of my family which is always amazing. We are lucky enough to have some of the greatest hosts on the planet as family and take as much advantage as possible. W and V spent a lot of time rock hunting, and E flew through the trees on the Cypress Hills zipline.

When I was a kid we had The Zipper, not the Zipline…

E and Dr. J also managed to immortalize themselves on the Google Earth camera which was in town filming eco-adventure sites. Look for them sometime soon!

We spent some time in Alberta visiting family in Okotoks and ancestors in the Calgary Zoo

V’s close encounter with the gorilla who interestingly carried that burlap sack up a slope, laid it out perfectly on the ground, and plunked down on it. It was very cool.

Over all we learned a few things about what to do and what not to do on a summer holiday. We learned to have a single destination point when your trip is 7 days or less. We learned to cram as much family into it as humanly possible, while still maintaining nuclear family time. (HAHAHA we are truly a nuclear family now as Dr. J works in the uranium industry…) We learned that fixing the air conditioning prior to a road trip during summer’s last blast might be appropriate. We learned it is difficult to brush out hair knots created by 6 hours of 120 km hour window winds. We learned that 7 days is not nearly enough. We learned that tent trailers are the cat’s ass. We learned to feed your family at mall food courts to increase variety. We learned it is OK to pee barefoot in the woods as long as we are standing on a stump.

Free demo’s by big brother.

We learned that aunties are able to turn cereal boxes into toys and R into ‘robot baby’, the nickname given to R by W.

And we learned that we are madly in love with each other.


11 responses to “Holiday (think Madonna)

  1. Nice to see you here and home again. Wow 3 month old R !

  2. As we were in that same place the week before (again, so sad to not have organized ourselves accordingly and scheduled better) I learned that wind direction and velocity should be taken into account when picking a camping spot with “long drop” (not so much) outhouse across the road; I cannot go to the bathroom when J is backing up into the campsite after 5 hours on the road because he WILL hit something (thankfully not one of the offspring); and you can bake chocolate brownies in oranges in a campfire.

    That’s what I learned. I also learned that I MUST love J because that would explain both of us coming home alive.

  3. Kyla ~ you must write a book! You have such a sense of humor and your imagination bounds along ahead of most of us. My grandfather R.J. had the same sense of humor, although he had to keep it under wraps, being an ordained Minister.

  4. Thanks Auntie Joy. Tell me what kind of book I should write.

  5. Visited our “ancestors at the Calgary zoo……” haha! Love it……. love you.

    ps. I have some ideas…… will email.

  6. The last line of this blog.

    I am crying now. Especially with my Momma holding my cousin, who I haven’t even met yet.
    Rob rushed over to see what was wrong and I cried even more re-reading it to him.

    So madly in love. It hurts.

    • Aw Katie,
      I hear you are feeling the crush of the red wave. I imagine your height allows you to breathe slightly fresher air. But not by much. I hope that you are persevering and the older kids at least listen if not openly admire, or gush and adore. There is lots of love for you near the hundredth meridian, don’t forget…

  7. Thanks for this. I as well love your writing and I headed back West before you were home. One day soon, I hope we will once again meet 😉

  8. Thanks Shauna. Hope all is well!

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