This morning I made it! I made it into my old jeans. It isn’t pretty, a phrase I have thought in past post postpartums: “just because you can do it up doesn’t mean it fits” ran through my mind, but nonetheless i am wearing my stage one recovery jeans. As I was admiring myself in my 1990 full length sliding closet door mirrors Ellia walked in.

“Look! I exclaimed as I pulled up my shirt to show off the obviously absent maternity pant panel.

“your stretch marks?”  said Ellia

“…….. you’re going on the BLOG!” I screeched.


8 responses to “Arrival

  1. Good for you Ky!! Miss ya

  2. Ky, I just read “DO NOT go in that bathroom”. Laughed out loud !!! Very few writers make me laugh out loud. Stuart McLean from Vinyl Cafe being one. Your in good company. Thanks for the lift.

    • Don’t you dare suggest that I am a hundred times more funny than Stuart McLean. 🙂
      You made me re-read “Do not go in that bathroom” and I laughed out loud. And Jeff was there and I said to him, I really am funny, and he said, “are you reading your own blog?” and then rolled his eyes. I am unappreciated in my own time Stushu…Thanks for loving me!

  3. Nice work on the pants. However I think the more important thing is that you have followed through on your disciplinary promise to E. That makes you a really good mother 😉

  4. Ok, Ky – now can you tell me how to get into my post pregnancy pants? (from 35 years ago!!!) I’m sure that these are still pregnancy pounds that I am lugging around!

    Mom 2

    • Bah Ha! Well, Ellia also told me the other day that I look like grandma when I’m not wearing my bra….so I guess we’re lugging around a few things…

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