180 in 365 PROGRESS UPDATE: The blog is way out in front

I sat down in an attempt to update my progress of 180 in 365. This led me back into the pages of this blog and down little paths of comments from amazingly incredible people. It seems to me that this project is taking on a life of its own and I haven’t seen it happening until now. Tucked quietly into the posts and comments is this guiding force waiting to be discovered. For example, I re-read my mission statement and thought perhaps I should have been doing that more often! What a clever way to stay on track…

My mission statement is this:

  • Create a successful schedule which enables me to accomplish daily tasks, spend quality time with my children, and allow for time dedicated to learning
  • Create a budget of my personal finances
  • Have a more prolific knowledge of food including growing, preserving, cooking, and nutrition
  • Increase physical strength
  • Write as much as possible: keep blog alive!

So, I did create a daily schedule that no one in my family follows or remembers. It is woefully out of date as it does not include R and her monopolization of my time and my breasts. Also, W is now a Kindergartener and is gone 2.5 days a week, leaving V, R, and myself to ladies lives of leisure. This morning we all went to the library and V said, “This is like when we went to get me new shoes! It’s just you and me!” Poor little 3rd child…

I have not created a budget of my personal finances, but I do have two envelopes filled with two months worth of receipts! So I have that going for me…

My level of food knowledge has grown slowly. AND I canned 62 jars of pickles this fall SO THERE.

My physical strength has improved. I am able to carry V up the stairs since I have had R. But that is pregnancy comeback and not really what I had in mind. I have not started this process of iron-maning yet, but it is coming.


  1. My expectations are too high regarding what can be accomplished which historically has resulted in feelings of failure. This can be remedied by having realistic goals, or at least having short-term goals rather than expecting the long-term goal to be achieved immediately.
  2. Number one is so huge that I want to repeat it here. Just re-read it and then I don’t have to repeat myself.
  3. This blog is THE BEST way to stay on task. It provides a benchmark, a timeline, a sense of focus, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it provides insight, encouragement, challenge, story, and humour in THE COMMENTS SECTIONS. What an amazing gift to have such brilliant people on this journey with me. I want to say THANK YOU.

I struggled in keeping the blog alive the last couple of months as life is too hectic with a newborn. I was not giving up husband time for blog time, and that was what would have happened. But now I have afternoon nap time and W in Kindergarten time 2 X a week, so Keep Blog Alive is back!

The blog is way out in front. As I was re-reading this thing I realized it does have a life of its own. There are nuggets of wisdom, humour, honesty, humility, and determination. This has occured through dialogue found in the posts and the comments. I have some reading to do to catch up with this thing and to be able to follow the guiding thread.

Thank you again brilliant people.


2 responses to “180 in 365 PROGRESS UPDATE: The blog is way out in front

  1. Good “learning”. I have had to stamp #s 1 and 2 on the insides of my eyelids. Out with the trash talk and in with the compliments!

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