My mother does not like onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and various other things. I really could have stopped at onions. Can you imagine a world of food that never included onions?

I was raised on Kraft Dinner, ham and processed cheese sandwiches on white bread, a macaroni with ground beef and tomato soup meal known in our house as ‘goulash’, as well as another meal simply called “hamburger and rice” which consisted of Minute Rice, ground beef with seasoning salt, and apple sauce.

It was no wonder that as an adult the kitchen overwhelmed and intimidated me. I had no experience cooking, no knowledge of cutting, cook times, or processes. I had no conceptual knowledge of flavour. I could not cook. I still wouldn’t call myself a cook, rather a person that is adept at following a recipe. This is one of my biggest goals in the next year. I would like to reach a point where I can look in my fridge and simply create a meal on my own. I want to reach the point where experimentation is the norm and the concoctions are to die for.

Along with this goal of kitchen free stylin comes the need to learn about nutrition as well as food production, so the permanent pages included in here will follow those themes.


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